Hall of Fame

The BRRC Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to honor extraordinary contributions to our club and our running community.   Hall of Fame members must have been BRRC members for a minimum of 5 years. Hall of Fame members will be elected by the selection committee, made up of the Hall of Fame members and the 4 current BRRC officers; with the election condition for a minimum of 8 voters and a 2/3 majority required. Hall of fame elections will occur at the discretion of the selection committee, no more than once a year, and may elect up to 3 new members each year.


While the election team has sole ownership to select Hall of Fame members, the club is committed to a balanced membership that is without bias by gender or other representation in any way.  Most importantly, consideration will be favored to candidates that have one or more of the following contributions:

  • Club member for at least 5 years
  • A Champion for BRRC in the greater running community
  • Educating, coaching, mentoring, or motivating
  • Selfless serving of time and energies for BRRC; examples are administrating, race directing, volunteering, cheering
  • A superior competitive running career
  • Extraordinary achievements in running that may include longevity, astonishing achievements, success over adversity, or a leadership distinction


Nominations can be submitted by any club member to any current BRRC officer. The selection committee will meet once per year to consider nominations.



1999 Marge Rosasco
Les Kinion
2000 Marilyn Bevans
Joe Holland
John Roemer III
2001 Charlie Reynolds
2002 Harry Goodman
2003 Mel Walton
2004 Jimmy Lears
Mike Sabino
Bailey St. Clair
2005 Richard Nair
Earl Swartzendruber
2007 Ed Geisendaffer
Stacey Nicholson
Maurice Pointer
2009 Steve Rosasco
Ronnie Wong
2010 Jeff Sanborn
John Roemer IV
Alex Medina
2018 Denise Knickman
Robin Goodwin
Maureen Hall
Serge Arbona