The Officers and Delegates of the BRRC Board of Directors are elected annually at the General Membership Meeting, typically held the beginning of December, and serve the twelve months of the calendar year.

The Board meets monthly and meetings are always open to members. All members are welcome to contact a board member about any business they would like club leadership to consider.

Board members for 2019 are:

President – Valencia Hike –

Vice President – Henry Peck –

Treasurer – Christy St.Clair

Secretary – Joe Musumeci

Delegate – Dan Hawk

Delegate – Scott Finson

Delegate – Bart Rein

Delegate – Kelli Rostkowski

Delegate – Erin Surette

Delegate – Hazel Teal

Delegate – Sally Waller


Membership Chair – Kelli Rostkowski

Scholarship Chair – Bill Fleck

Race Committee Chair – Bailey St.Clair

Past President – Henry Peck

2019 Race Directors – Robert Hall, Maureen Hall, Johnny Lyons, Betsy Lyons, Bart Rein, Graham Peck, Christy St.Clair, Bailey St.Clair, Erin Surette, Darryn Waugh, Brian Flowers, Stephan Herman, Valencia Hike, Adria Lucca, Jessica Kreuger, Dan Krausz, Robin Goodwin