Our NCR Marathon and Half Marathon are soon, Saturday, November 24th!

This event is our 29th running, and we will be sold out at 800 entries, a record number! We will be about equally split between marathoners and half marathoners, an ideal situation for what our facility, permit, and transportation can accommodate.  

In some ways, BRRC’s calendar year begins and ends with the NCR Marathon.   It is the one event that defines us in the greater world of running.  As our largest event, we enjoy participants from across the US, and have a sterling reputation as a boutique, sought after, pampered endurance event. The proceeds from NCR are our most significant generator of funds, making BRRC work for us through the year, more so than our memberships and all other sources combined.

We do contract for timing, facilities, transportation, and whatever else is practical.  But we cannot replace our real energy, what makes NCR awesome, which is the BRRC.  NCR is not possible without our members and fans. Thanks for all the help over the years, and in advance, for your help this year, and every year.  Thank you!

If you would like to volunteer this year, that would be great!  Brian Flowers is again leading our volunteers. Please contact Brian at nose1@comcast.net or signing up directly here https://ultrasignup.com/volunteer.aspx?dtid=31847

You will enjoy the experience and gratification of being part of the 29th.   And, there will also be an awesome NCR quarter zip, and that coveted NCR finisher’s blanket for you.  (This year’s color is Pantone 200 Red).