Our club has some super fun, old-school style trail races/parties throughout the year, from the Super Bowl race to the Night Moves race, and if you haven’t joined us for one of these bad boys, what the heck are you waiting for? BRRC members who complete or volunteer for four out of seven trail races (or any combination of) will receive an award at the membership meeting in December. We don’t know what the award will be yet, but it’ll definitely be rad.


Run 2 trail races + volunteer at 2 trail races = award
Run 1 trail race + volunteer at 3 trail races = award
Run 3 trail races + volunteer at 1 trail race = award
Run 1 trail race + volunteer at 1 trail race = sorry, pal
Run 4 trail races, or volunteer at 4 = award
Simple, right?



2/3 – Super Bowl Trail Race

4/13 – Gunpowder Keg Ultra Races

5/26 – Gunpowder Trail Race

7/3 – Twilight Trail Race

7/14 – Sweet Air Trail Race

8/11 – Bunker Hill Trail Races

10/12 – Night Moves Trail Race