Steve had not only made his mark with his running shoes on, but also contributed to the success of the BRRC running club and the running community as a whole. Along with his wife, Marge, and sons, Steve and Mark, he joined the BRRC in 1972 and, not long thereafter, accepted the position of vice president. He held this position for five years. During this period, running was growing by leaps and bounds and, as an elected official, he spent countless hours promoting running and different races. He promoted performance recognition with classy awards, seeing to it that winners of races and “Age Category Winners” were awarded silver bowls and plates for their efforts. He acted as legal counsel to the club in a volunteer capacity, and his fondness for photography led him to share his pictures for club newsletters. Each and every administration since his joining has benefited from his guidance. Steve was appointed to the Maryland Marathon Commission for 5 years and held the position of Vice Chairman for 2 years. Together with his wife, Marge, he conducted local radio talk show broadcasts to promote the Maryland Marathon. He offered his own home to invited elite athletes who were competing in many marquee races, such as the Maryland Marathon. Among notable runners were Bill Rodgers and He received citations from the Governor for his contributions to the Maryland Marathon, and served as co-race director for the second largest women’s race in the country for 5 years, “The Lady Equitable.”

It is Steve’s running achievements where he truly made his mark and solidified his place in the BRRC Hall of Fame. Even to this day, he can compete at a level consistent enough to win his age category (77 years).

Some of the highlights of his long and illustrious career include the following:

• Posted the 11th fastest time in the U.S. for 10 miles in the 50-54 age group in 1982 Annapolis 10-Miler: 59:20.
• Set a PR at the 1981 NYC Marathon at age 49: 2:58:33.
• Awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Harford County Executive and County Council in 1990 for record-breaking performance.
• Completed a total of 20 marathons (7 Maryland Marathons, 5 Boston Marathons, 4 NYC Marathons, 2 Harrisburg (PA) Marathons, 2 Beltsville (MD) Marathons).
• Numerous first-place finishes in the BRRC Club Championship races over many years. First place in all races in 1998.
• Ran in national races and won age group awards in major races such as Lynchburg 10-Miler(VA), Falmouth Road Race(MA) , Elizabeth Grady 10K(MA), Midland Run15K(NJ), New Orleans 5K(LA), and Portland 5-Mile(OR).
• Age Group State records: 1987 Mile 5:33 (age 55-59)
1988 10K 39:30 (age 55-59)
1989 1500 meters 5:06 (age 55-59)
1997 1500 meters 5:42 (age 65-69)
• Meets of Miles: 1981– 5:14, 1984–5:16, 1985–5:15, 1992–5:39, 1996–5:58, 1997–6:05, 1998–6:13
• Won 40 Senior Olympic Medals. Most are Gold place finishes
Senior Olympic Time 400 meters at age 56 (67 seconds)
Senior Olympic Time 800 meters at age 56 (2:31)
Senior Olympic Time 5K at age 62 (19:59)

The Baltimore Road Runners Club is proud to recognize Steve for his running achievements
and service contributions of nearly 40 years to the club.

Congratulations, Steve, on your selection to the BRRC 2009 Hall of Fame!