NCR Trail (Torrey C. Brown Trail)

The Northern Central Railroad Trail (NCR Trail), recently renamed the Torrey C. Brown Trail, is a converted railroad trail that extends from Ashland north for 20 miles to the Pennsylvania state line.  The trail is approximately 10 feet wide and is a stone dust surface.

BRRC hosts a number of events on the NCR Trail, including annual races that include the White Hall 15K, the NCR Half Marathon, and the NCR Trail Marathon.  Additionally, the trail is popular with our members for all sorts of training efforts.  Parking information is below:

Parking (information courtesy Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

Freeland: Take York Road north almost to the Pennsylvania line (Exit 36 off I-83). Then turn left (west) onto Freeland Road. Follow for 2 miles to parking lot.

Bentley Springs: Take York Road north of Parkton (Exit 33 off I-83). Turn left (northwest) onto Kaufman Road. Follow Kaufman Road for less than 1 mile, and turn left (west) onto Bentley Road and proceed to parking lot.

Parkton: Take York Road to Parkton (Exit 31 off I-83). Turn left (west) onto Frederick Road, and park at 18858 Frederick Road.

White Hall: Take York Road north of Hereford (Exit 31 off I-83). Turn right (east) on Weisburg Road. Follow Weisburg Road for 2 miles. The parking lot is located at Weisburg and White Hall Roads. The White Hall 15K starts and ends here.

Monkton:* Take York Road to Hereford (Exit 27 off I-83). Turn right (east) on Monkton Road. Follow for 3 miles, and look for parking lot and park office (open on weekends). This location features restrooms, water, telephones and picnic tables. A convenience store is also open on weekends. Parking at this location is very limited.

Sparks: Take York Road north of Shawan Road to Sparks (Exit 20 off I-83). Turn right (east) on Sparks Road. Go less than 1 mile to parking lot. This location features the Sparks Band Nature Center.

Phoenix: Take York Road north of Shawan Road in Hunt Valley (Exit 20 off I-83). Turn right (east) on Phoenix Road. Travel 1.7 miles and look for parking lot.

Paper Mill: Take York Road (Route 45) to Cockeysville (Exit 18 off I-83). Turn right (east) on Ashland Road. Bear left onto Paper Mill Road. Go less then ½ mile. Look for safe parking areas along the road shoulder near the trail.