2016 Award Winners

Click on linked names for a photo of the recipient.

Female WMA Runner of the Year – Maureen Hall

Male WMA Runner of the Year – Maurice Pointer

Male Runner of the Year – Graham Peck

Female Runner of the Year – Denise Knickman

Trail Runner of the Year – Ryan Stasioski

Ultra Runner of the Year – Serge Arbona

Master Runner of the Year – Dan Hawk

Senior Male Master Runner of the Year – Ronnie Wong

Female Grand Master Runner of the Year – Carole Rosasco

Male Senior Runner of the Year – George Yannakakis

Female Senior Runner of the Year – Linda Tice

Valor Runners of the Year – Linda Tice and Dan Buccino

Most Improved Runners of the Year – Buddy Weber and Rachel Rosenblatt

Volunteers of the Year – Suzie BoltzNut Hall, Dan Macedo, and Tom Jennings

Coaches of the Year – Karen Malinowski and Buddy Weber

Presidential Service Award – Johnny Lyons

Scholarship Winners – Hannah Ace and Alex Whittaker